Connect your inventory with Promofarma

Connect your inventory with Promofarma

Promofarma is an ecommerce marketplace selling health, beauty and personal care products, direct to consumers, from hundreds of independent pharmacies and other health stores in Spain and now expanding the service through several European countries. Do you want to sell your products in this important Marketplace?

How does MWSConnect works?

MWSConnect is a Windows Software that connect your ERP system or ecommerce platform («Source») with Promofarma ( «target» )
To sum up, MWSConnect establish connection with the database of your ERP or ( another type o file like excel), extract inventory data like EAN, SKU, STOCK, AND PRICE,  and after that, it is able to identify each product with Promofarma catalogue in order to send to Promofarma your stock and your prices perfectly matched.
Usually, here in Spain, most drugstores use standard ERP systems and MWSConnect connects to all of them and makes a sync with Promofarma each 30 minutes. Promofarma reads the file that MWSConnect creates and gets stock and prices of drugstores. This ensures that Promofarma get stock of inventory more or less in  real time and get better experience for final customers because items of the orders match with inventory of the store.
MWSConnect conecta su ERP de Farmacia con Promofarma y Amazon

What information is necessary?

  • First MWSConnect needs to make a connection with your source of data. To do this, we need to know what type of database is , e.g.: mysql, sql server, oracle, access or an Excel / CSV file. We can read a great variety of formats.
  • Secondly: we implement this bespoke and custom connection in our customer account and MWSConnect must be installed in the computer with permanent connection to the origin of information.
  • Finally, MWSConnect runs the «full process» (read, update and sync) each 30 minutes. This process is executed automatically

How to know your profitability?

«Promofarma Orders Module» is an optional module of MWSConnect that allows you to get your orders in Promofarma , reports, statistics and details of your sales.

MWSConnect get from your ERP system not only prices and inventory but also gets cost prices of your products, so we can easily evaluate the profitability of your sales in the marketplace.

«Promofarma Orders Module» also show you plenty of reports and statistics in order to show you the most key point indicators of your results


Main functions

  • Promofarma automatic id
  • Get information about orders, benefitis and profits for measure profitability
  • Own skus and references
  • Create pricing rules
  • Create inventory rules
  • Get the most wanted product
  • Compare with competitor
  • Massive price changes
  • Smart Stock function


Miguel Angel García
CEO eXtremaNET
Ecommerce Manager Specialized in Pharmacy 



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