The future of multi-channel selling

Keeping your marketplaces and eCommerce platforms always sinchronized with your ERP systems, will allows you to stand out from your competitors, inprove profitabilty reducing costs related to over and under stocking, and give your clients the best service prevent orders of products that are no longer in stock.Sistema de actualización de stock y precios de Amazon

MWSConnect syncs between Amazon and your ERP

eXtremaNET has developed MWSConnect that allows your company keep inventory and prices of your products always sinchronized with Amazon, and also your eCommerce (Prestashop or WooCommerce), directly from your ERP.

MWSConnect manage your inventory connecting to your data sources ( even more than one ) such as databases, csv files, or Excel spreadsheets etc. and allows you manage it for targeting integration and for updating porpouse.

For example , MWSConnect is able to connect to your database, extract information related to stock , price of your inventory and next, upload these information automatically to Amazon or Promofarma or to update prices and stock of your Prestahop website using its API tools.

Real time updating Marketplaces inventories, reduces costs and provide better customer service

This type of operations are crucial nowadays for small business that aims to improve profitabilty and reduce costs related to over and under stocking.

Also MWSConnect is a fantastic tool for customer service, because allows you to prevent orders of products that are no longer in stock and to achive, this way, an excellent customer service.
Also, and thanks to its visual interface, you can not only to extract information from your ERP systems, but change price and stock rules with its Smart Price functionality, before update Amazon, or your eCommerce. 
Smart Price function, is one of the most important tool for our users because automatically set different prices rules for depending on the target plataform.

MWSConnect has plenty of usefull functionalities for each plataform and day by day, new platforms a re being included in MWSConnect to connect to.


Miguel Angel García
CEO eXtremaNET
Twitter: @miguelagg

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